Chef Andrew

Meet Chef Andrew Deuel

Chef Andrew Deuel

Chef Andrew brings extensive fine dining experience to Hagel. Chef Andrew adds his own unique twist to our casual restaurant’s classic-yet-modern American food.

It is no surprise Andrew Deuel became a chef. As a child, his favorite toy – which came out on special days – was his miniature electric stove, one that was barely strong enough to fry an egg but lit a fire in the budding chef nonetheless.

Chef Andrew Deuel has worked professionally in a number of major cities including New York and Chicago, specializing in Italian cuisine. Deuel began working in restaurant kitchens as a teenage and after high school, he chose to study culinary arts at The New England Culinary Institute. After that, Deuel went abroad to attend the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners where he obtained his Masters in Italian cuisine.

Deuel’s background includes positions at the two-starred Michelin Restaurant Risorante San Domenico in Italy and New York Times four-starred restaurant Le Cirque in New York City. Following his worldly travels, Deuel returned to his Midwestern roots and opened Tesori, an Italian trattoria and bar in the Chicago loop.

Chef Andrew is bringing his background and style to the Hagel 1891 menu by focusing on fresh, seasonal, local ingredients and a farm-to-table experience.

“My main objective is to source and provide the absolute best ingredients possible for each and every one of our dishes. That means making many of our items in-house, including pastas and bread,” says Deuel.

He’s worked in some of the top restaurants in the world and bringing that kind of culinary knowledge to our restaurant and events will make them impeccable.

“I want this to be casual American dining at its finest,” he explained. “My vision for Hagel is a culinary, food-focused menu that doesn’t carry a hefty price tag and is a cozy neighborhood spot.”